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These days, most people have become confused about their health care insurance options… perhaps you are one of those people. And based on the list of options shown above, we certainly have a lot to talk about!

So to start, let’s begin with major medical and basic health insurance coverage… whether it’s the Obamacare “Affordable Health Care Act” (ACA) plans, short term health insurance (one year) plans, group health insurance, faith-based plans, catastrophic plans or a myriad of others, you realize that you’re at serious risk if you don’t get health insurance coverage.

Some people have found that health insurance is just too expensive for them and their family so they never explore the many affordable options that are available to them today.

So whether you need a major medical health insurance plan, Medicare plan, supplemental insurance, or even life insurance, I hope to simplify your insurance decisions by working directly with you to assist you in selecting the best, most cost effective plan for you, your family, or your business. We provide our services free of charge, without obligation.

Short Term and One Year Health Insurance Plans:

Short term health insurance plans do not have the bells and whistles that are mandated in “Obamacare” A.C.A. plans. Those essential mandates drive up the cost of coverage and include such things as mental health and substance use disorder services, wellness services, child birth/maternity coverage, birth control coverage, etc. Short term insurance carriers are able to charge lower rates for coverage because they are not covering these services. Furthermore, short term health insurance carriers are not required to cover pre-existing conditions. Some carriers may cover a pre-existing condition but charge a slightly higher rate. Most short term plans also cover their client’s regardless of where they are in the country when medical attention in needed. A.C.A. plans typically only cover you if you are in your home county (unless it is an emergency). Outside your home county, medical charges are higher because you are “Out of Network”. Overall, short term insurance plans have become a literal life saver for many people, especially for budget-minded people.

Group or Business Health Insurance Coverage:

Many small businesses are opting to provide their employee’s with some level of health insurance coverage even though companies with fewer than 50 employees are not required to do so. These small businesses see the benefit by providing coverage, such as increased employee productivity, fewer sick days taken, improved attitudes, less turn-over, and the ability to attract and retain employees. The cost for group health insurance is also very attractive to the employer and the employee, and when adding supplemental or gap insurance, the employee can enjoy great coverage with low out of pocket outlays. In fact, both the employer and the employee can also benefit from pre-tax savings which helps to offset the cost of insurance in a major way! See more detailed information about group health insurance here.

Medicare Plans:

If you are a seasoned citizen, you are eligible to apply for Medicare 90 days before your 65th birthday. About 90 days prior to your 65th birthday, your red, white and blue Medicare card should arrive in your mailbox.  As an independent Medicare broker and Medicare specialist, I am here to help you apply for Medicare and other benefits.

I can provide you with an overview of the top Medicare insurance supplemental plan carriers so that you and I can work together, compare the carriers and the features in order to help you choose the plan that’s best for you, your budget, and your medical needs. In fact, the most frequently selected plan is free of charge to you! In addition, we can review the various Medicare benefits and programs that are available, such as low-income programs, prescription drug discounts, low or no premium plans, availability of low doctor co-pays, prescription drug plans and hospitalization plans.

I can also help insure that you are enrolled on time, avoiding any late enrollment penalties!

Life Insurance Plans:

You know, there are so many reasons why you need life insurance, such as to protect your family,  your assets, and so much more. You know that you need it, but you put it off day after day. Maybe you think it’s too expensive… maybe you think it’s too much of a hassle to get, or maybe you don’t think you’ll ever die. Whatever the case might be, I’m here to help you in selecting the best coverage for your needs and at the most affordable rates.

You know, there’s quite a variety of life insurance plans available on the market today that selecting one that suits your needs is quite easy and in many cases, very affordable.

Not too long ago, if you wanted a life insurance plan with a death benefit of $250,000 or more, you had to get a medical exam. Today, getting life insurance is virtually hassle-free.

Whether you are considering a basic low cost term life insurance plan, accidental death insurance, mortgage protection insurance, or final expense insurance we have plans to fit your needs.

If you are interested in preparing for your future, we need to talk about E.I.U.L. policies (Equity Indexed Universal Life policies) that not only have a death benefit, but they also accumulate value over time. These plans can also provide you with a income-tax-free retirementSee more detailed information about E.I.U.L. policies here.

Supplemental / Gap Insurance Coverage:

Unless you have an extraordinarily expensive major medical health insurance plan, you have a pretty high deductible or what would be considered as high out of pocket expenses before your health insurance policy starts paying out. So what can you do when you need medical care and money is tight? That’s where supplemental, otherwise known as gap insurance comes in. Gap insurance does just what its name suggests… it helps bridge the gap before your major medical insurance kicks in!

So let’s say that you’re riding your bicycle and hit a bump. You fall off your bike and break your arm. Now again, as a real world example, you go to the emergency room at the local hospital and your told that with x-rays, setting your arm and putting it in a cast will run about $5,000. How would you like to pay for this because you have a $7,500 deductible before the major medical insurance kicks in ??

If you had accident insurance, it would provide you with $5,000 to cover this expense and you’d be that much closer to meeting your annual deductible when other medical issues arise. So congratulations! Your low cost accident gap policy just saved you from a major budget-busting event.

So now, what would happen if you were diagnosed with a serious health problem, such as a stroke, heart attack or with cancer. There are very affordably priced gap insurance plans for critical illness that could pay you directly up to $50,000 upon diagnosis for a covered event (depending on the level of coverage selected). This would mean that you could afford the best care available, cover your deductible or other out of pocket expenses, have the resources to pay bills while you’re off work, get alternative care that is not covered by your major medical insurance plan, etc. . This critical illness policy would be a tremendous value to you and your loved ones and again, this coverage is very affordable depending on the level of coverage you desire as well as your age.

There are also plans available that would pay you directly if you were admitted to the hospital.

Also considered as supplemental insurance plans are dental and vision insurance. Depending on the level of coverage that you purchase, these plans can be quite beneficial for you.

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