Group Health Insurance

Health Insurance Plans of Arizona is an independent broker for group health insurance in the Phoenix metro area (Maricopa and Pinal county). As your agent / broker, we specialize in finding solutions for your business medical insurance with affordable coverage that fits the needs of your company, your employee’s and their family’s.  As your independent agent broker, we work with all of the top-rated insurance carriers in Arizona which allows us to assist you in selecting the very best fitting plan and the most reasonable rates for you and your small, medium or large business.

You may wonder why it’s so important to use an independent agent broker for your health insurance needs. That’s because we are not locked in to just one health insurance carrier and their plans! Therefore, you’ll get the best, most inexpensive plans available that will be best for you and your company… not a cookie-cutter plan.

Our pledge to you as your local agent broker;  We will provide you with personalized, friendly and expert, prompt service. We’ll shop the rates from the insurance carriers and present you with your best, most economical options with the coverage that fits your needs. Even though we work for you and what is in your best interest, our service is FREE as we are paid by the insurance company, not by you!

Major Medical Insurance Carriers We Represent:
  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona
  • Humana
  • National General
  • United Health Care
  • Cigna
Supplement / Gap Insurance:

With health insurance rates on the rise, many times it becomes monetarily practical for the business owner to select group health insurance plans with higher deductibles for their employee’s.  In these cases, GAP or supplemental insurance products are a real inexpensive lifesaver, filling in the gaps until the annual deductible threshold is reached. These supplemental products provide a very affordable way to help keep your budget (and your employee’s satisfaction) in check. Some major medical plans only provide coverage in your county whereas supplemental insurance covers the insured anywhere they go in the United States.

GAP Supplemental Products Include:
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Hospital Indemnity Coverage
  • Accident or Injury Policies
  • Short Term Disability Coverage
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Discount Dental Plans (for groups of 5 or more)
  • Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Plans
  • Tele-Doc Service
  • Trio-Meds*

*Trio -Meds are supplemental “package” deals that combine valuable GAP supplemental options making them even more affordable for the employee.

Tax Savings for the Employer:

When purchasing group health insurance for their employee’s, the amount that the employer pays is tax deductible and their payroll tax is reduced by 7.65% on this amount paid for the insurance. In addition, their workers compensation premiums are also reduced.   Contact us for more details on these tax savings !

Tax Savings for the Employee:

The government taxes the employee based on the amount they earn in their paychecks plus income from other sources. However, when employees purchase health insurance through an employer sponsored group plan, it is purchased using pre-tax dollars which can save them up to 30-45% on their medical insurance plans.

According to a recent study conducted by Glassdoor, almost 80% of employees would rather have more health insurance benefits rather than an increase in their pay because it is much more advantageous in reducing their income tax obligation.

These pre-tax savings also apply to supplemental GAP benefits such as dental and vision!

Contact us for more details on these tax savings !

Group Plans Provide More Access to Hospitals & Doctors:

Often, group insurance networks are larger, and typically better than individual networks (such as those on an ACA “Obamacare” plan). Doctors and hospitals in these expanded group insurance networks often are more sought after, as well as being more costly.

Additional Major Medical Insurance Plan Features:

Like the ACA “Obamacare” type plans, all major medical plans are guaranteed issue covering all pre-existing conditions. Fortunately, and unlike the ACA plans, your business is not limited to one insurance carrier.

Health Savings Account Options:

One optional benefit that has become very popular these days are the “HSA” or Health Savings Accounts that are available through most insurance carriers depending on the plan that you select. With an HSA, the insured is allowed to use pre-tax dollars to cover their health care costs such as prescriptions, vision expenses (such as glasses), dental expenses and much more. This makes great economic sense for those expenses that come up prior to your health insurance deductible is met for the year.

Short Term Medical Insurance Plans:

For new employee’s who need coverage and are in the waiting period to be covered by your company, or part time employee’s who need coverage not provided by your company, we offer “Short Term” major medical plans that, in most cases, are less expensive than Group Health Insurance. These plans are underwritten, but there are also guaranteed issue options available. Employee’s can purchase this plan for a 30 day term, up to a one year term. Because they are less expensive, these short term medical insurance plans do not cover all of the minimum essential coverages as found in standard group medical health insurance plans or an ACA plan. Today, many short term plans are adding no cost options such as the Tele-Doc service, wellness programs and other discounted services.  We are available to assist any of your employee’s with this reasonably priced option.

HMO or PPO ?

Your company can select whether you want an “HMO” (Health Maintenance Organization) type plan for your employee’s, or a “PPO” (Preferred Provider Organization) plan.

Many PPO plans provide coverage nationwide which is a real bonus for your employee’s who travel a lot (personally or for business).

PPO plans give you flexibility. You don’t need a primary care physician. You can go to any health care professional you want without a referral—inside or outside of your network.

With PPO‘s, staying inside your network means smaller copays and full coverage. If you choose to go outside your network, you’ll have higher out-of-pocket costs, and not all services may be covered.

With an HMO plan, you pick one primary care physician. All your health care services go through that doctor. That means that you need a referral before you can see any other health care professional, except in an emergency. Visits to health care professionals outside of your network typically aren’t covered by your insurance.

Up until recently, with an HMO, if you get a skin rash, you wouldn’t go straight to a dermatologist. You would first go to your primary care physician, who‘d examine you. If your primary care physician can’t help you, he or she will give you a referral to a trusted dermatologist in your network that will. However, nowadays HMO’s are evolving and many carriers are using a quicker and easier approach by allowing the insured to go online to their website to get a referral to a specialist.

With HMO‘s, coordinating all your health care through your primary care physician means less paperwork and lower health care costs for everyone.

What’s Important to Your Employee’s ?

Did you know the majority of Americans with health insurance get their health insurance benefits through their employer? Recently, Glassdoor Economic Research did a survey (with 470,000 respondents) which indicate the top 54 employee benefits the respondents feel  are most important to them. For the sake of brevity, we’ve listed those benefits (by ranking of the top 21) that pertain to health coverage:

  • #1-the most important benefit is health insurance coverage.
  • #6-Dental Insurance
  • #9-Vision Insurance
  • #11-Life Insurance
  • #18-Supplemental Life Insurance
  • #20-Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
  • #21-Health Savings Accounts

Today, businesses with 50 or more employees are still mandated under current law to cover their workers with medical insurance or pay a hefty penalty.

Retain Employees and Attract New Employees:

Surveys show that around 78% of businesses (that offer their employee’s health insurance coverage) see an increase in employee loyalty and decreased turnover. That’s important because we all know that hiring new employee’s and training them is not only expensive, but a real burden on supervisors and management. 75% of these surveyed businesses found that offering health insurance coverage helped them in their recruiting efforts. Many new employees would opt for taking a lower wage as long as they could obtain medical coverage through their employer.

Happier, healthier employees show up to work more often and are more productive on the job. Because they have medical insurance benefits, they are more likely to see a medical provider sooner and be back on the road to recovery much more quickly. This a win-win for everyone !

Small Business Grant Money is Available !

Qualifications for Small Business Applicants:  For a small business to qualify, the applicant must: (1) have been in existence in Arizona for at least one year, (2) not provided health insurance to its employees for at least 6 consecutive months prior to application, and (3) had at least 2 but no more than 25 employees (total full-time and part-time employees whether eligible for benefits or not) during the most recent calendar year.

Eligibility for these grants can extend beyond the first year of coverage. These grants will significantly reduce your business’s outlay. Give us a call at 480.288.4310 for more details and to see if your business will qualify for these generous savings !




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