Discount Dental Plans

The high cost of dental care has so many people putting off that trip to the dentist… but we’re here to help you with an affordable, discount dental plan. You could save thousands of dollars, paying only a fraction of the price that dentists typically and customarily charge for their services.

Since 1991, this plan been helping people in the Phoenix area to save money with our discount dental plan, and it can help you too! In fact, we have about 80,000 members in the Phoenix area and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

This discount dental plan is accepted at over 140 Phoenix area dental offices, including periodontists, endodontists, orthodontists and oral surgeons. This is a great plan for people of all age groups !

All Pre-Existing Conditions Accepted, NO Age Limits, NO Deductibles, NO Waiting Periods, NO Claim Forms

Service:Without Dental Plan:With Dental Plan:
Office Visits$55.00FREE
Fluoride Treatments$55.00FREE
Home Care Prevention$55.00FREE
Routine Cleaning-
Twice Annually (Adult)
Routine Cleaning-
Twice Annually (Child)
INCREDIBLE DISCOUNTS on the Following Services :

·          Preventive-72% Discount*

·          Extractions-43% Discount*

·          Restorative (Fillings)-44% Discount*

·          Cosmetic Bonding-40% Discount*

·          Pontics (Implants)-56% Discount*

·          Crowns and Bridge Work-48% Discount*

·          Periodontics (Gum Treatment)-41% Discount*

·          Endodontics (Root Canal)-45% Discount*

·          Prosthodontics (Dentures/Partials)-47% Discount*

·          Orthodontics Or Braces-25% Discount*

·          Oral Surgery-25% Discount*

* Average discount per category based on difference between “usual customary rates” & “member wholesale rates” as of  November 2017.

Think about this…

Most dental insurance companies in Arizona will cost, on the average, $30.00 to $50.00 a month and will limit your benefits to only $1,000 to $1,500 per year, per person. After the maximum benefit has been paid, you are to pay for all of your dental needs on your own. In today’s high cost of dentistry, if you crack a tooth and need a root canal and a crown, in fact it will cost you out of pocket (after insurance) about $1,000 for 1 tooth!! There are also pre-existing conditions and deductibles to meet. This is not what we, the consumer, intend as insurance. So many of us think that the higher your insurance premiums are, the more coverage you have. This is not the case when it comes to the dental insurance industry.

For dentists, the dental insurance industry is also problematic. A dentist has to advertise to retain a patient who may have dental insurance. On top of the cost of advertising, the dentist has to bill the patients’ insurance company, which is an expense with all the “red tape”; if the patient exceeds their limit during the year, then the patient may not be able to afford the out of pocket expense and not do any work at all! This is discouraging to a dentist as well. And thus, we have the birth of discount dental plans.


This plan offers you, the consumer, the “wholesaled” price for all your dental needs in the year without dollar limits, age limits, or pre-existing conditions at a fraction of the premiums you would be paying an insurance company.

Who is Eligible? This plan is available for people of all age groups. Whether you are single or have a family, joining this discount dental plan is very inexpensive.

What Are the Real Savings? The reduced or “wholesaled” cost is usually a savings of 60% off what the usual customary rate is. Usual customary rates are a standard for what insurance companies pay for dental procedures from state to state.

Can I Use This With Insurance? If you are in need of more dental work than your insurance will pay for in a year, your out of pocket costs would be reduced by 60%. For example, if you need $3,000 worth of dental work and your insurance maxes out at $1,500 for the year, your out of pocket cost would be $1,500. With this discount Dental Plan coverage, your out of pocket costs would be reduced to approximately $600.

What About the Quality of the Dentists? It is in my interest to see the consumer receive the best quality service, because if you don’t like the dentist, it doesn’t matter what the savings are. After 26 years of being in business I understand the only way to retain members is to build a relationship with the dentist and the patient. If I can accomplish this, you will stay with our discount dental plan for years to come. Therefore, it is our vested interest to make sure that all our providers are American Dental Association dentists, have no malpractice suits on their record, and that they have owned their practice for a minimum of three years. These requirements exclude more than half the dentists in Arizona.

Most of our competitors focus on the number of dentists they have and because of that they constantly have a heavy turnover of dentists. This means you run the risk of a poor quality dentist. We focus on keeping a smaller but controlled number of dentists and in fact have not had a dentist drop off our plan in over five years. We strive to keep our dentists satisfied and we pay attention to their needs, because if they are happy, you will receive the finest treatment, which is ultimately our goal to keeping you as a client for years to come.

Become a discount dental plan member today and start saving money!

Single/Individual $94.00* Annually

Single Parent $94.00 Annually

Couple $129.00* Annually

Entire Family $174.00* Annually (You and members of your family, or your dependants are eligible, including children under the age of 19 or full-time students to the age of 23 and unmarried. Dependents are defined as a lawful spouse and your unmarried children from birth to 19 years of age, but under 23 years of age attending an educational institution and mentally or physically challenged children living with parents regardless of age. )

*Plus an Administration Fee – 1st Year Only $10.00


Group rates are available-Call Us For More Info!






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